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How can I import my existing customers?

Knowledge Base    Setup    How can I import my existing customers?

If you're migrating from another loyalty program or just want to start all of your customers off with an initial point balance, you can email a CSV file to shopifysupport@every.shop from the email address you sign into Shopify with.


The CSV file should have the customer's email address in one column and the point balance in another. Our team will ensure everything is formatted properly for import. 


Once the import is complete an EVERYAwards team member will reach out to you to let you know your customers have been imported.


Things to consider when importing customers:

- When we run the import, the customers' information will be pulled from Shopify. Any email addresses not associated with a Shopify account will be skipped over.

- If you have more customers to import than your account allows, the importer will still pull them in, but you will need to upgrade your account to an appropriate plan in order for your customers to be able to utilize your loyalty program. Until then, the program will be considered "paused".

- If you have customers who have already signed up and you do not want to award them with signup points, you can include them in your CSV file with a 0 balance and, although they will be enrolled in the program, they will be considered an existing member and not receive signup points. Remember, customers with a zero balance don't count against your plan.