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About EVERY Awards

Take your customer loyalty and insights on Shopify to the next level.

EVERY Awards will be the first Blockchain based loyalty program that enables transparency between Brands & Shoppers.

We are a new retail platform that empowers shoppers to monetize their data in direct transactions with brands, trading personal insights for savings & rewards with every transaction.

For brands, this new retail ecosystem means building direct customer relationships while shoppers see personalized savings and discounts directly from brands.

All on-platform data is shared with brands, and an integration with EVERY Awards on a brand’s website gives them access to all the benefits of the EVERY retail ecosystem in their own online store.

The EVERY Protocol will have a simple REST API that can be easily utilized by developers to build new, agile EVERY-enabled Apps, Shops, and Marketplaces to facilitate the rapid scaling and adoption of our decentralized retail ecosystem.

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